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'Urban visuals' : N.Y. artist Tariku Shiferaw draws from his surroundings in Short North show

 written by Peter Tonguette, The Columbus Dispatch, April 7, 2019

Tariku Shiferaw stays close to home in making his art.

A resident of New York City, the artist finds inspiration in the urban environment in which he lives. For example, he recently created a pair of pieces resembling shipping crates — not unlike those he regularly encounters as a city dweller.

“I was just thinking about how interesting these objects were — just stacked up, beat up, different colors,” Shiferaw said. “I appreciated the urban visuals.”

Shiferaw’s crates — featuring graffiti-style marks and whole planks sprayed in black or blue paint — are among nine provocative works by the artist on view at Hammond Harkins Galleries.


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Installation view: “6 plus 1: Featuring Tariku Shiferaw”

Courtesy of Hammonds Hawkins Galleries

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