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The Take: The faces of Frieze LA during the art fair’s bustling 2022 opening day

 written by Danielle Broadway, Los Angeles Times, February 18, 2022

Late at Night (Roddy Ricch) is one painting in a series called “One of These Black Boys,” by artist Tariku Shiferaw. The series explores physical mark-making, or the surface markings of a painting, as well as metaphorical mark-making that Shiferaw describes as “the way that society” leaves a mark, in addition to “who’s allowed to leave a mark.” Shiferaw explains that said markings signify important things in his life, like the “Black diaspora, rap and hip-hop, jazz, blues, Afro-beat” — things that he sees himself in. It’s Shiferaw’s first time showing his work at Frieze Los Angeles.


Late At Night (Roddy Ricch).jpg

Tariku Shiferaw, Late at Night (Roddy Ricch), 2022

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