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Taking the Painter Out of Painting

 written by Gwenaël Kerlidou, Hyperallergic, January 20, 2018

Bonnefoi’s strategies seem to condense a few aspects of the work of his American contemporaries: the objectification and theatricalization of a gesture devoid of pathos of David Reed; the deconstructing strategies of Jonathan Lasker — even if Lasker’s use of exaggeratedly thick brushstrokes seems closer to Dunoyer; the collaged elements in Philip Taaffe’s paintings; and the interplay between the front and back in the work of Craig Fisher. Other related artists include Max Estenger, Charles Spurrier, James Hyde, Joe Fyfe, Tariku Shiferaw, and Lauren Luloff. It is a tantalizing proposition to imagine a group show where these different voices could be brought together in dialogue with Bonnefoi’s work.


Love Can Be (Vince Staples).jpg

Tariku Shiferaw, Love Can Be(Vince Staples), 2018

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